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University Club & Restaurant

The University Club and Restaurant, more fondly referred to as The UClub, is the eminent fine dining establishment at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Housed in two colonial era New England farmhouses, the University Club and Restaurant offers a contemporary dining experience steeped in historic charm. Long established as a private faculty and alumni club, the University Club offers the public and campus community a full-service restaurant & lounge featuring local beer, wine, and farm-fresh ingredients. Whether you’re joining us for lunch, dinner, or looking to host your next private event, the University Club & Restaurant is at your service.

  • Location: 243 Stockbridge Rd, Amherst MA 01003
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Chancellor’s Room

Located in the Homestead House, this room honors the University of Massachusetts – Amherst Chancellors. Prior to 1970, the presidents of the Massachusetts Agricultural College, the Massachusetts State College and the University of Massachusetts were located on the Amherst campus. With the establishment of the Boston and Worcester campuses, the University president’s office was moved to Boston. Since then the CEO of the campus has carried the title of Chancellor. As a tribute to the Amherst campus Chancellors, this room displays photographs of each.

Seats: 8-12 people

The Homestead House

This room is the original sitting room and kitchen of the Homestead House, converted into one large room during renovations. The space is now our bar and lounge area. Guests can enjoy a drink, our Tapas Tuesday specials and conversation in front of one of the two original fireplaces.

Seats: 20 Seated, 45 Standing

Baker Lounge

Hugh Potter Baker (1878-1950) was president (1933–1947) when Massachusetts State College became the University of Massachusetts. This room is named after him because it was added as part of renovations to the Stockbridge-Boltwood House after President Baker decided that the best use of the house would be as a Faculty Club.

Seats: 26 people

Tory Room

“Prison” is one of the many functions the Stockbridge House has served over the years. This room is named to recall the nine Royalists who were briefly confined altogether in the house by order of the Amherst Committee of Safety during the American Revolution.

Seats: 22 people

Levi Stockbridge Room

Levi Stockbridge (1820-1904) devoted his life and career to ensuring the success of the Massachusetts Agricultural College. He was influential in persuading the first trustees of the college to locate in Amherst. He later became the first full-time Officer of the College, serving as farm superintendent (1867-1869), professor (1867-1879), acting president (1876) and president (1880-1881). He also contributed his first royalties ($1,000) in 1877 to pay the college debts. The Stockbridge House, where his office once was, this dining room, and Stockbridge Hall, home to the Stockbridge School of Agriculture, all bear his name to honor his devotion to the school.

Seats: 18 people

Daniel Chester French Room

Named after, Daniel Chester French (1850-1931), sculptor of the statue of President Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial, and the statue of the Concord Minuteman. He lived in the Stockbridge House as a boy while his father, Henry Flagg French (1813-1885), served as the first President of the Massachusetts Agricultural College (1864-1866). Daniel worked on the college farm before students enrolled at the school, prompting his father to refer to him as “the first graduate of M.A.C.” A bust of President French sculpted by Daniel is in the University collection.

Seats: 18 people


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